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Want To Visit Israel?

We are your first stop in finding the perfect Israel experience!

Hillel Ottawa in partnership with The Jewish Federation of Ottawa, Canada Israel Experience and Taglit-Birthright Israel has helped hundreds of students and young professionals in Ottawa get to Israel. This past year we have sent over 80 Ottawans to Israel for the experience of a lifetime. For so many the Birthright experience is the fuel that ignites the “Pintele Yid” (Jewish spark) for participation and involvement in the Jewish campus and greater community.

The opportunity to send students, for free to Israel is one the community has embraced. Our community banded together to maximize the number of Ottawa students who receive the gift of Birthright by encouraging enrollment. By doing this we proudly sent over 35 students from Ottawa to Israel in May alone. Continuing to build the partnership between Hillel Ottawa, The Jewish Federation of Ottawa and Canada Israel Experience will over time result in more students receiving the gift of Birthright and building a bigger and better community here in Ottawa.

For more information on how to register for Birthright Israel visit: www.Israelforfree.com

MASA provides young Jewish adults with connections to programs, grants and scholarships towards program fees, as well as support, activities, workshops and resources while here in Israel.

MASA enables young Jews (18 to 30) from around the world to build a lasting relationship with Israel, strengthen their Jewish identity, and gain meaningful and beneficial experiences by participating in a long-term program in Israel

Contact a Hillel staff member for more information

Jerusalem Fellowships is an incredible three-week exploration of Israel and Jewish identity for students ages 19-26. It’s an ideal program for students looking for a meaningful first visit to Israel or for alumni of Birthright and other trips who are excited to go back. The JF program uniquely mixes the adventure and fun of touring Israel with the inspiration and meaning of learning about Judaism. Participants spend their mornings in the Old City engaged in a wide variety of inspiring discussions and sessions on topics including Jewish Philosophy, Israel Advocacy, Science and Religion, Dating and Romance, Leadership Building, and more. Afternoons are spent touring the country, volunteering, and enjoying amazing activities such as kayaking, ATV-ing, and rappelling. Most evenings are free, giving participants the opportunity to relax, visit friends or family, experience the Israeli nightlife, or continue the day’s discussions with their peers and staff. Most appealing about this extraordinary trip is the low price tag of $499 all-included. Jerusalem Fellowships has been described as “life-changing” by many of its tens of thousands of past participants from around the world. To find out more about how you can be a part of it, contact a Hillel staff member.

WUJS Israel Hadassah runs a five-month program for Jewish college graduates from around the world between ages 21 and 35. The program offers four specialized tracks: Jerusalem Learning, Arts Program, Peace & Social Justice, and Intern Tel Aviv.  WUJS participants up to age 30 qualify for grants from the Israeli government’s Project MASA.  For more information, go to www.wujsisrael.org

A summer volunteering program for college students and young professionals ages     18-27. The participants live in Jerusalem, in Arad or beside Tel Aviv and volunteer for non-profit organizations four times a week, explore the Israeli landscape through weekly day trips and discover Israeli culture & society through different educational and cultural events. For more information, go to www.amirimisrael.com

When you grow, so do your opportunities. Global experience gives you that extra competitive edge.

Our programs take you Onward – personally and professionally – and allow you an authentic taste of modern day Israel while gaining experience and knowledge through an internship opportunity.

Onward Israel is designed with the beginning in mind: The beginning of your success story.

 Start up your future in Israel. Yalla! Visit http://www.onwardisrael.com